Mobile Phone Gets All Bendy

It is a soft mobile phone concept. The phone is encased in a flexible plastic housing. A soft polymer insert is located between the microchip module and the casing. You can drop it, bend it, sit on it, toss it around, and give it to Naomi Campbell to throw at her assistant without detriment.

A flexible display (a 2,75-in. diagonal, a 433 × 266 pixels) and the keys are located on the surface. The display itself looks like paper, but the ink incorporated in it can change its position when affected by electric signals. This process called “electrowetting” is so quick that you can even display video. And it’s not a fairytale technology either. The display was developed by Robert Hayes and Johan Feenstra. They better patent that ASAP.

Designer: Roman Kriheli


  • Ian says:

    Interesting design…I’m guessing we won’t see this technology for another 10yrs though…too expensive for consumer electronics now 🙁

  • Noemi says:

    Quisiera saber si puedo ser la persona que pruebe este nuevo telefono, ya que me especializo en romper celulares. Espero vuestra respuesta. Muchas gracias

  • boul2pu says:

    pas ergonomique, pas beau, pas faisable, pas un concept… tout sauf du design… sorry…

  • b2p says:

    the more i see it the more i think that it’s stupid…

  • Greenwink says:

    At last, a phone I can use without worrying about it breaking if I abuse it.

  • Chlo says:

    When will this be able to purchase?

  • No_Frills says:

    maybe it wont break even if you stamp on it, but it’s so ugly it makes me sad

  • Not bad says:

    My sister could use that. I can’t think of a single place where she has not dropped her phones or a way she has not dropped them by. It’s not exactly ugly but they could still improve a little on its design. Very good though, considering you could watch videos on it.

  • anne says:

    what if you bent it ……. would you accidentally press a button or call someone ? you didn't think about that

  • anne says:

    what if you bent it ……. would you accidentally press a button or call someone ? you didn't think about that

  • KamronWithaK says:

    Too expensive? No. They have to work their way to the concept from model to model, until the market has lost interest. You could have had 1phone4 10 years ago, but you spent more money upgrading from the first ipod, didn’t you?:P

  • KamronWithaK says:

    PS: They will never make an unbreakable phone. Do you know how much money they make from you buying a new one? Here’s a conspiracy; ever found a phone lanyard at a cell phone store that didn’t have metal or a detachable clip? Also, just because he didn’t post the manual, doesn’t mean that everything left unsaid is simply non existent.

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