Panoramic Digital Camera Spins Like A Top

The next time you wanna capture a good panoramic picture of your vacation in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, put down that tripod and expensive digital camera. Use the Panoramic Digital Camera instead. Just make sure it’s sitting on a level surface, angle it, push a button and watch it spin to take the perfect 360º view of your surroundings. Everything saves to a memory card and yes it’ll do video too. Is it real? No, but it’s a sound concept.

Designer: Hye-Jeong Yang

Hye-Jeong Yang


  • Dylan says:

    If it is designed to make panoramas the it should spin around the nodal point (well entrance pupil) of the lens to avoid parallax. Unless im missing something then this design is inherently flawed.

  • BeachBum says:

    Looks like a cool design, but where are the sample photos? Being on the ground the plane may be too low or at a bad angle. I would love to see the output.


  • Cory says:

    Indeed, useless without pics. Of the pics. 🙂

  • Mark in CA says:

    Fatally flawed. Will never work (without massive correction post-shoot). First, as was said previously, the rotation should take place around the lens’ nodal point. Second, the axis of rotation needs to be perpendicular to the line of sight. This design has neither of these.

  • Huygir says:

    Too niche. There are panoramic digital photo and video cameras and of course LIDAR that work by rotating around to capture the “pano”. This thing just tries to target a niche consumer market and makes it awkward to get a good shot.

    Besides – this would not produce a true 360 video like a 180 degree fisheye lens does. The criteria for true 360 video is that you can pan through 360 degrees (and some range of tilt) to see everything that was concurrent in a single frame.

  • Nathan says:

    WOW maybe it’s not real but it better be. Sounds like an amazing way to capture a moment

  • appree says:

    If you want to get more information, you can get other works and pictures throgh

  • OK, So why in the world isn’t Sony making this cool little critter available to the rest of us? It’s a big corp with a big development history, so why is this still a “concept”?

    I’m waiting, Sony

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