Roll ‘Em Up

You’re out with friends in a cafe and the tables only set 3 when there are 5 of you. What to do? You could sit separately or try and merge two tables together but on an emotional level, there’s a disconnect because you’re “not at the same table”.

Rolling Table looks like a giant fruit by the foot rollup. You can adjust the size of each table by rolling in more material from other neighboring tables. If you need to combine them, just roll them up tightly together. Even from a distance, you’ll always know which tables make up which conversational group.

Designer: Min-Kyu Song



    Cute Idea. I just don’t buy it. I don’t see how it will foster emotional togetherness. I’d also like to see how a busy cafe would function with all that ‘red tape’ blocking your every path. Pretty style but pretty useless.

  • Anne Lentz says:

    oh! interest …. but it makes a mess in a cafeteria.

  • suekmei says:

    good idea…

  • billy says:

    is this a police line??
    I don’t understand this design benefit.

  • Ben says:

    yeah, as the other commenters have said, this is a somewhat cute design, but looks as if it would function very poorly. I don’t know any waiter that would enjoy walking around all that red tape… and just wait til someone trips over one and pulls his neighbor’s table over… or causes both tables to spin out of control.

    Not the best design I’ve seen on here, probably looked alot better in the designers head.

  • waiter bob says:

    Imagine spilling ketchup into the rolled up seatbelt area!

  • KELLI says:

    ha, i really love this idea. it’s amazing ^^

  • Jazzy says:

    it’s cute and stuff but I don’t really think it will work. The red tape stuff that you roll up would get so many crumbs and stuff stuck in it. I like it, but I don’t think it’s useful.

  • zuy says:

    concept is great , good for installation

  • zuy says:

    japonese dvp ribbon furniture with top only with ribon … here the ribbon is only around and here the difference is also the link between 2 tables…

  • Light says:

    This is rrrrreally COOL!!

  • Poet says:

    I guess I live in a less progressive place. Personal space and dominance issues would arise from such silly furniture. Forcing yourself on others as you close a gap between tables.

  • Brennan says:

    AS I get up to leave my table to use the restroom on the far side of the cafe, I find my every path blocked by excessive amounts of red tape dividing my obvious route.

    I now have to walk this maze of red banners so I can do basic functions in the establishment.

    Not cool.

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