The Tallest Tower In Latin America

Group Danhos has commissioned the Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA) to design Torre Bicentenario in the centre of Mexico City which will become the tallest building in Latin America.  Completion is scheduled for 2010 to coincide with the 200th anniversary of Mexico’s Independence.The building will accommodate over 160,000 sqft of office space, a convention centre, site museum, gym, as well as retail and restaurants. The 300 meter tall building will be located at the intersection of Reforma and Anillo Perife Rico, in the northeast corner of Mexico City’s Chapultepec Park, home to the Presidential residence.

Looking like 2 inverted pyramids bridged by a lobby where shuttles and elevators pass thru, it boasts a viewing deck over the park and the city. Two voids penetrate the building at its widest point providing ventilation and natural light. Whilst traditional high-rises tend to internalize this feature with an atrium, the Torre Bicentenario projects it onto the facade cutting into the building. A pattern of reflective glass panels covering 50% of the interior surface maximizes light penetration. The void twists at its midpoint, opening at the bottom toward the park and at the top toward the city, connecting the building to its surroundings.

Architect: OMA



  • Nathan says:

    Might not be the tallest building in the world but its one of the most stylish!

  • Stumies says:

    The building looks like it has a bun in the oven. Perhaps it will spawn a few buildings around it to even out the skyline.

  • Ebone says:

    I’d like to see the structural designs to support that somewhat “cantilevered” design.

    I’m not so sure that Mexico City is the place to build this building. It’s probably the most seismically unstable major city you could find outside of Japan.

  • Infmom says:

    I’m sure they put that one flat side on the building so that when the next big earthquake comes and knocks the whole thing over, it’ll have something to land on.

  • Sourcec says:

    The design is great, and it isn’t “Perife Rico”, it’s Periférico.

  • Cubfan81 says:

    The other interesting thing is that Mexico City is sinking. Something about the city being built on an aquifer. They get all their fresh drinking water from that aquifer and every time someone takes a drink, essentially the city sinks ever so slightly.

  • Tombeijin says:

    OMA has designed some truly brilliant and unique buildings, and I’m fortunate enough to live right next door to one their biggest and most unique projects ever: the CCTV Headquarters in Beijing. I take photos of it nearly daily, it’s amazing to see the massive towers skewed.

  • Zarchitect says:

    maybe OMA keeps designing skewed buildings because they forgot to turn on ORTHO in AutoCAD (only funny to people who do draw this crap daily). I like it because it’s different but hate it because it doesn’t “say” anything. Is it an arrow pointing to a Mexican Mecca? Is it an extension of something of the culture? How does it relate to the city, people, culture, area, etc… eh – another instance of architecture without concern for context (quite irritating).

  • Carlo says:


  • junior says:

    All these haterz need to stop because Mexico city is the largest CITY IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW U CANT BEAT THAT RIGHT!well i think the building symbolizes the pyramids of myans and the i suggest urll dont say noting.

  • WLE says:

    Well if the info on is correct, there’s a building topping over 300 meters being built in Panama City, so how is this building now regarded as the tallest in Latin America?

    • R2 says:

      WLE: all the buildings in Panama have been cancelled or they are just plans .

  • Mario says:

    I think the race for tall buildings belongs to countries with strong economies. Most people in Mexico City are against the construction of this building anyway since the politicians and buisness men are bending laws and breaking others in order to build the damed thing. Also, if this building is supposed to be the most important Mexican building, why is it not designed by a Mexican?

    • SEM says:

      How intellectually challenged are you? First off. Architecture is universal, there is no boundaries when it comes to design. Mexico, like the rest of the world, holds competitions and in this case OMA won. Mexico along with Brazil is one of the fastest growing country in Latin America. If you happened to study economy outside the walls of CNBC you would realize that Mexico and Brazil will be jumping into the first world with in the next decade as is crucial for countries like China and United States. There is no law bending as the building is commissioned by a private company. Please read the article before talking.
      Every country has people who oppose the construction of a variety of buildings for many reasons. I personally believe that joining the world in this architectural race is quite an achievement for the country.

      • mexbro says:

        I admire your intelect..very well said… adays we have too many ignorant people on the information highway..its called net rage…to be a hater is to be a looserrrrrrr..

  • Ed says:

    Any tower and structure built in Mexico city is taller from any other, not matter where is built. The reason being Mexico City seats at 2250m or 7400 feet above sea level, or put another way, about one and-a-half miles up in the sky!

    To be fair the tower design is nice and OMA ldid a great job as always. I don´t think they have a say on the location where the buildings are to be placed. Mexico city is located on the top of a volcanic range and the San Andreas geological fault, same as LA and San Francisco.

    So you might be lucky not to get the top floor at this tower, not for me at least.

    • SEM says:

      You are right. Mexico is surrounded by a ring of volcanic activity from almost every angle. It is a very seismic city. The city was hit by one of the biggest earthquakes recorded in the city’s history. It was an 8.1 magnitude earthquake that hit in September 1985 which caused the collapse of hundreds of buildings and thousands of deaths.

      Having said that, the country has build bigger buildings keeping in mind the events of 1985. The current tallest building, Torre Mayor, was developed and designed to withstand 8.7 magnitude earthquakes. The building was put to the test no short after its completion. There was a 6.4 earthquake and it was not even felt by the people inside the building.

      Technology like the one in the Torre Mayor is now applied to many buildings in Tokyo and Los Angeles. I don’t doubt that there is a change of collapse. However, the laws and measures in the design of high rises are beyond strict for Mexico City.

  • Mason says:

    kinda has a “homeworld” or “halo” look to it, looks great.

  • mango says:

    That thing looks like it’s about to fall over.

  • Brandi says:

    hey cool tower

  • james godinez says:

    regarding the comments made by mario ,if this building is suppose to be a very important mexican building. why was it not built by a mexican. Even the united states has to lmport designers to build their tallest buildings. A good example is the spire building in chicago,Is going to be the tallest residentual buiding in the world, well be 150 stories tall. Design by a spaniard name santiago .I called this globalization

  • JOSE says:

    Is really horrible indeed

  • rodrigo says:

    FYI this project was cancelled

  • Alejadnro says:

    Well in reality Mexico City is perfect for any Building as long as the Building is built adequatly,and who cares if the building is built by some else that is not Mexican, i mean the Petrona Towers in Malaysia were built by Angertinian

  • someone says:

    umm nd by the end of this year mexico will have torrea fished at then that wil be the 10 tallest thing in the worls and the tallest things in latin america

  • Wow!! The ability to build a Sky Scraper in Mexico City is a HUGE challenge due to the fact of the Soft Clay Like soil, because Mex City is built literally on a drained out Lake and the Threat of Earthquake,,it is for these two reasons why Mexico has not been able to build sky scrapers until they developed the technology to be able to build a building that wont fall over!! can you imagine that!?

  • Wow!! The ability to build a Sky Scraper in Mexico City is a HUGE challenge due to the fact of the Soft Clay Like soil, because Mex City is built literally on a drained out Lake and the Threat of Earthquake,,it is for these two reasons why Mexico has not been able to build sky scrapers until they developed the technology to be able to build a building that wont fall over!! can you imagine that!?

  • merceditas says:

    It is actually better for buildings in mexico city to be taller. Because of the specific sismic activity here. This building however will never be built. Now on that site, Teodoro Gonzalez de Leon is building his Pedregal 24. A shy, and not very broadcasted project.

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