Tilt ‘n’ Drink System

This drinking water tap looks almost sculptural and is functional in its design. For a drink of water just press a glass against the stem so that it tilts back and releases the water jet. When the glass is removed, the stem returns to its basic position. The “Tilt ‘n’ Drink System” is ergonomic and user-friendly, and can easily be operated with one hand. For a steady flow of water, draw the tap towards you. The stem rotates 360 degrees, allowing even saucepans to be filled easily, particularly on kitchen islands. The slim, brushed steel stem has no unnecessary knobs or unreliable sensors. The only detail is a blue light shaped like a water drop. It indicates that the filtration system is functioning and shows an alarm when it’s time to replace the filter or service the unit.

Designer: Propeller Studio [ Manufacturer: Kuna Water ]