The stool with a wood transplant


What the designers have done with the Zero Per Stool is just ingenious. This stool uses its own waste to build itself! That too in a way that gives it such an incredible character… one that is unique to each stool.

The stool’s legs/base are cut from a sheet of wood. They’re made so that they can be assembled using wood joining techniques. The seat, however, is made from the scrap wood (offcuts) that gets left behind after cutting the legs of the stool out of the rectangular wood piece. The waste pieces are broken up and placed in a mold. Resin is then poured in, binding the pieces together, turning waste into artistic wonder… and officially leaving you with zero wastage and a stool you can’t get your eyes off!

Designers: Jang Won, Kyungsun Hwang, Min-a Kim & Hajin Yoon.