Webble – Active Foot Rest by BriteObjects

BriteObjects, a new Silicon Valley design firm focused on improving the office experience, introduces the Webble™, a new kind foot rest that isn’t about resting. Instead, the Webblea”c enables free motion that gets your legs moving while you work. Complementing its unique functionality, the Webble’s iconic shape breaks from the norm and encourages your feet to go for a ride.

Developed by three award-winning product designers, the Webble™ embraces the concept of mobility and a belief that ergonomic can be stylish and fun. “When we looked at the best foot rests available today, we saw a huge oppor opportunity for innovation in both function and form,” says Steve Vassallo, founder of BriteObjects. “Upon investigating the category further, we became encouraged by the research that pointed to the physiological benefits of leg activity while seated, and with this in mind, we decided to depart from the static, almost orthopedic aesthetic of most foot rests, and instead focus on the positive expe experiences associated with free motion and flexibility,” he adds.

The Webble™ will be available in two versions: Webble™ and Webble™ AIR. The Webble™ offers a grippy hardshell surface while the Webble™ AIR extends the concept further with a flexible mesh membrane that offers the ultimate in comfort and free motion. Both versions ride on ultra smooth casters and a patent-pending spring suspension and self-braking mechanism to keep your office mates from zooming away with your legs’ new best friend.

Designer: BriteObjects [ Product Page ] [ Via: Gizmodo ]


  • Freshome says:

    Instead of calling this a Foot Rest I’d rather call it moving playful …foot “rest”.

  • Kahoneez says:

    I call it WHY..if your foot is falling asleep, go for a walk or if you need exercise find a marathon and coming from the cubicle world, i never had the space to be skate boarding under my desk.

  • Paolo says:

    yeah this doesn’t seem useful or practical for me either. i just don’t get the point. maybe i’m wrong if i try it.

  • Sparrow says:

    Sounds great though if you’re recovering from lower limb surgery and have a desk job. Would save my hip from completely tightening up (which it does nicely these days in the course of 15 or 20 minutes!)

  • liz says:

    for $200 (the retail price) I’ll just buy a skateboard to keep under my desk. The webble looks like it would be great. but not $200 great.

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