Shoulder Bag Ghetto Blaster by Dirk Winkel

Somewhere in the early 80’s, the ghetto blaster came up as a part of street culture, today it’s gone and people settle for cell phones, iPods and their miniature earplugs. All this can’t replace the experience of a real ghetto blaster. That was reason enough to re launch and redesign it as an extention for existing sound sources like the iPod. The uncommon shape has 2 reasons:

First, high-end sound quality. The ‘head’ of the blaster provides space for a large bass speaker, and the long narrow end of the horn-like (thus, audiophile) shape serves as a bass reflex tube. Second, the shape allows for perfect wearing comfort: as the blaster has a belt, there are two ways to carry the blaster around, on your shoulder or on your hip, like a shoulder bag.

Designer: Dirk Winkel


  • Coolguy says:

    this is something really cool…
    Looks great on your shoulders too…;)

  • billy says:

    What a waste of time and money. Absolutely nothing cool about this. The age of walking around with a stereo on your shoulder is long gone. The designers needs to get back to reality and look up something called an ipod. Its just plain stupid. Hey look at me I’m carrying a dildo on my back, and listen to my public disturbance, hey, and i can’t really listen to my music that clearly, goddamn it, this is bloody heavy… where’s my pocket sized ipod…

    • AnnO says:

      “Hey look at me I’m carrying a dildo on my back, and listen to my public disturbance” lmao
      I agree with you I think it would look better as a small gym bag.

    • Hartigan says:

      Nowadays its common to find teenagers carrying speakers connected to their mobile phones. Blasting silly music

      Annoying as hell…

  • ping says:

    when i first look at it….i thought it is a bag. noting so cool about this….ipod will do better.

  • paul sandip says:

    quite interesting!

  • Marokko Emil says:

    I love it, where can I buy it ?

  • Henrique Staino says:

    You guys talk like if every person on earth had the same taste, and felt things the same way. There will always be a space for the nostalgic, and every bit of the market should be taken.

  • Ugh says:

    Ipod is for fruitcakes and hightech nerds like Mac is…

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