This open-air top floor of house lets residents enjoy the outdoors while staying in

The Shaded Rooftop House lets residents enjoy the outdoors while staying in. You’ll see more blended environment homes in the future so that staying home doesn’t feel claustrophobic if we ever have to shelter in place again.

BCHO Architects designed this home with the focal point being the gable roof. It’s made of white perforated metal and topped with transparent PVC panels so it allows all the natural sunlight and ventilation while keeping the rain away. The choice of materials and shape lets the residents enjoy a panoramic view through the gap between the walls and the roof without having to increase the building’s height.

It gives you a semi-outdoor space if you live in an urban area and lets you enjoy a part of nature while being at home. There are so many opportunities to use this space for harnessing solar energy or even roof-farming. It’s only the beginning of blended environment homes which will be better for our health as well as the planet.

Designer: BCHO Architects