Puzzle Table by Hsien Chang

The design concept of this product was inspired by sliding puzzles. The concept of the mechanism has been applied to the storage of office desks so that users can see what is kept in the desk with great ease by moving the dividers on the desk. The grids can be designated to store different items according to the users’ needs of storage and usage: 1.Documents and folders 2.Keyboard and mouse 3.Stationery 4.Loose papers The basket fitted in the grids can be removed to provide greater convenience when moving. This feature will also allow the user to sort and organize the items within the basket easily.

Designer: Hsien Chang


  • MrB says:

    Designer :
    Wang Yi-Shiuan
    Wang Chien-li
    Wu Yueh-Han
    Kang Hsien-Chang

  • Jordie says:

    This is really great art! Is this table ever going to be produced? And what would the prices be?
    Best regards! Lookin here, gives me inspiration ! 😀

  • Caroline says:

    I really love this table and I am currently looking for a new desk. Do you think it will be for sale anywhere soon?

  • This is extremely neat… and perfect for those tech or internet companies… that don’t really do anything!

  • martin necas says:

    it actually looks nice, but that’s all. it’s pretty obvious the table has wrong dimensions – e.g. monitor screen is too far from user. it’s too large at all, the use of space is inefficient. the concept of moving squares is good only when you not put anything on the desk (which goes slightly against the idea of having a table:-)

  • arrauer says:

    hey! “puzzle Desk” is quite identical to a progect we developed in the Industrial Design laboratory of Politecnico di Milano!!!
    the concept name it was “QUINDICI” (like the puzzle game in italy) and it was existing yet..

  • arrauer says:

    hey! “puzzle Desk” is quite identical to a project we developed in the Industrial Design laboratory of Politecnico di Milano!!!
    the concept name it was “QUINDICI” (like the puzzle game in italy) and it was existing yet..

  • Elmo says:

    This is way cool. I want one =)
    I never have enough table space. This would solve my problems ^_^

  • candace says:

    Where do I buy this?

  • candace says:

    Where do I buy this?

  • Awwwshe so cute! Keep us posted on what happens to her.

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