BYB Balance Cell Phone by Bence Bogar

Balance is an authentic luxury-smartphone. Up to now, these two categories (luxury and smart) have diverged, and few well-executed alternatives exist. The choice of material (titanium and stainless steel) and its mechanism (a shell-slide solution) impart exclusivity to the phone, while its features satisfy the most exigent business and multimedia requirements.

The 45 x 73.5 x 10.25 mm concept combines the advantages of shell- and slider phones; when placed inside a pocket, the phones two inner touch-sensitive screens are protected, its storage therefore requiring no special attention. Flipped over, however, the advantages of the slider can be fully made use of, while in desk stand mode, the phone can be used as a clock or a digital photo frame, without the aid of a separate stand.

The phone can be operated in multiple ways, either via the touchscreen displays (main – 2.8 inch , 400 x 240 pixel, 262K TFT), or with the help of the buttons located around them. Furthermore, the MindPad – first introduced on account of the BYB MulTicket allows the user to draw characters and symbols using simply his/her finger, which are then interpreted by the device, thus allowing for rapid and simple input.

The backside touts a 5.1 megapixel camera equipped with auto focus, 2x optical zoom, QuadLED assist light, concealed by an active optical safer. The phone is GSM/3G/HSDPA compatible, with WiFi, BT 2.0 and GPS connectivity. Furthermore, it is equipped with a 3.5 mm and a MiniUSB port, and its 512 MB internal memory can be expanded with the help of a MicroSD card.

Designer: Bence Bogar [ Product Page ]


  • krush says:

    someone giv this idea to MAC or mayb they r already aware n hav perfected it , they can use this excellent highly technological concept to cum up wit a smaller sized IPHONE, however tht will take quite a while since they wud first wanna test the grounds via their first release the IPHONE

    bottomline whoever comes up wit a phone even closer to as aesthetically pleasing and as advanced as this , Is a Winner by itself , i neednt say anymore 🙂

    hope these concepts turn into reality in the near future, sum whr soon i mean 😛
    tho im sure they got a while to go 🙁
    waiting restlessly till then
    — (sum crazy geek of a Girl, YES GIRL jus incase u techno boys think only u enjoy
    technology hehe)
    –Krushane 🙂


    • Dan says:

      Judging by the size of that USB and MicroSD card slot (or is it JUST an SD card slot)… the Apple iPhone is waaaaay smaller than this.

      • Justin says:

        I read online that the phone has a 2.8 inch screen. So it might be smaller that the iphone.

  • shophy shophy says:

    congrats! i think this is the most beautiful phone and i want one .

  • G says:

    Hey guys: first thinking, then rendering ! How do the two main parts move ? Is the upper one hovering above the basis ?- It’s loose because it has no mechanical connection 🙂

  • Lucky says:

    im looking for a nice phone to get by april, and this phone looks absolutely amazing! i want this thing for myself! is it able to be bought now?

  • Daniel says:

    can i get this phone ene where??

    • Daniel says:

      how much is the phone
      and i am not mocking this guys name this really is my name ok

  • sanjay says:


    This model is amazing. Let me know when it will be available in the market and how much cost would be.

    Sanjay, Inida

  • Ian says:

    I want this phone . how much does it cost? can it be purchase now.
    pls. let me know. thanks …..

  • Anil says:

    I want this phone . how much does it cost? can it be purchase now.
    pls. let me know.


  • Abhishek says:

    thats a great phone

    where can i get the details of this phone
    How much does this cost

    do let me know if someone has info abt it

  • lol says:

    cost 1500000$

    kyaaa huaaaaaaaaaaa

    phat gayi

    chal bhaag ab

  • ouning says:


  • Daniel says:

    How much, available at where?

  • Victor Santillan says:

    I really liked it, but i think i´ll never see it in Mexico, can you tell me how much does it cost in us dollars? Gracias Amigos!! Saludos!!

  • reJI says:

    fentastic phone, its released in middle east already ?
    where i will get it,
    how much does it

  • sam says:

    wow looks fantastic one commnted that it is available in ME where can we get one and howmuch.?

  • paras says:

    how much priz?
    how to i get it?

  • harika says:

    it’s too sexy how to buy it in us $

  • Unsub Hosoi says:

    I’m sure the battery will last for 25 secs trying to do all this claims

  • Manish says:

    please can i have the details from where i can buy the phone. thax

  • ariana says:

    what color does the phone come in and how much does it cost??????????? I wanna buy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kalyani says:

    thats a great phone

    where can i get the details of this phone
    How much does this cost

    do let me know if someone has info abt it

  • Mohamed Sharaky says:


    Please send me more details about this phone and how can i obtan this phone.
    does there an agent in egypt or in the middel east andthe phone price .

    If you please send me this data on “[email protected]

    Thank you.

  • sumanth says:

    I want this phone . how much does it cost? can it be purchase now.
    pls. is it available in india. let me know.

  • Hannah says:

    Is there a way that i could get that phone
    and if there is then how much would it be

  • saeed says:

    it is fantastic. i am from Middle East but right now i am in Shenzhen, china till 3rd of july. is this phone available in shenzhen. send to me the address and the price please.

    appreciate your quick response.

    Saeed Al Amoudi

  • Kartia says:

    hey, i know this question has ben asked many times, though we all want to know:-

    Where will the gorguzz phone be realeased?
    How much will it cost?
    What phone companies will it be with?
    When will it be realeased, if it hasn’t already?
    How can i get one?

    much love to the phone ♥


  • Kartia says:

    i love this phone very much and would be willing to pay $900 for purchasing. but i hope it aint that much


  • Jessica says:

    I really want this phone so Where Can I buy it In Canada and How much Does it cost???

    Thanks 🙂

  • John says:

    This phone is a concept. It isn’t available now, and probably won’t be for some time. If ever, considering the fact that this sliding mechanism isn’t currently within the physical possibilities of cell phone technology. Or any technology, for that matter, because this phone’s top half is secured to its bottom by what looks to be…magic. So, if by some miracle someone releases a phone like this one, it will probably retail in the thousands of dollars.

    Keep dreaming though, I know I am.

  • deryck says:

    Need more information as to where can one buy this phone in India

  • krithika says:

    nice design…how much it cost in india…when it will come to market in karnataka

  • dilip says:

    I really want this phone so Where Can I buy it In india and How much Does it cost?


  • nasim says:

    This is a amazing desing phone, i am crazy about this, can you tell me, where i can get from and what is the cost of this.

  • Shahab says:


    How can i buy the phone?

    How much is it?

  • Levente says:

    There may not be ien on Hungary to receive a telephone if yes for how much and hol?lehet the answer the e-mail let it be sent onto my title I say thank you for it.

  • dang i want this phone! this is a kickass phone made of titanium and stainless steel. the only thing im worried about is the price and what applications/software you can download for it…help plz!

  • chandra sekhar says:

    i also agree the before comment

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  • Pharum says:

    amazing phone i’ll buy it ^^ 100%

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  • Place sent this mobile price and avilable is cell phone ,place full detalea this mobile BYB Balance
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  • Willian says:

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  • Stephen Tenalo says:

    please l am in need of this phone call Balance. How much is it?

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