Kitchen On A Table And The Wall

Constrains like limited space and behavioral changes like cooking while entertaining have dictated the transition from monstrous-sized kitchens to neat compact kitchenettes and open modular concepts. Adopting these changes, Electrolux brings to us to two unique concepts. The Rendez-vous interactive table is a cook-top that allows you to do jiffy cooking and entertain at the same time. The Volare, akin to the Lounge Bar, is a wall mounted appliance that’s nothing short of an artistic kitchen! Check out the details after the jump.


You’re the sort who likes to interact with family and friends while cooking; then the Rendez-vous is just for you. It’s an intuitive table that features a unique energy shield that brings the appliances to life without having to plug them in. For instance, by simply placing the blender on the surface you can work it or charge it. Needless to say inductive and sensor technologies support the random cooking zones. Modular drawers that can hold stoves or refrigerator are accommodated beneath the table and can be tucked away, when you need to use the table for dining. A virtual chef that guides you through your cooking completes this futuristic package.


Like I said, this reminds me of the Lounge Bar, only this time it’s a complete kitchen on the wall! Ideal for space-crunch situations. Main highlights of this art piece are: modular system that allows customization; foldable induction stove; holds all modern appliances like an ice dispenser, tea/coffee unit and oven. The coolest thing about Volare is that its exteriors can come in many painted finishes; hence the accompanying spotlights can make the unit look like a piece of wall art when not being used as a kitchen.

Designer: Electrolux Global Design


  • yoyoMan says:

    A kitchen should look tasty, not sci fi & green/neon blue. Blah.

    • Catalyst says:

      um “Tasty” is subjective. Embrace the future and get out of your 20th century mentality.

      Great design. Would like to see more forward thinking designs like this.

      • A friend says:

        Agreed with Catalyst, you wrote it like a statement and forgot to write “in my opinion”.
        I think, if you want traditional kitchen there is tons of it already on the market.

        • yoyoMan says:

          I guess, tasty is subjective, to make my statement clearer… any book on color theory will tell you that dark green color aside from the fact that has no relaxing properties, does not go well with food products not to mention cooking.

          Looks space saving and different..but just because you touch & light comes on doesn’t necessarily mean forward thinking, its just a new (not the most practical) technology that is being applied to every product out there..

          • A friend says:

            Books are good but lets try with reality, if you go to a shop you will see that packaging for food have a lot of colors (and dark green is a relaxing color, it is bright red that is not). But I don’t understand your point because on the pictures the working spaces are black as they already are now.
            And presented as you did everything looks stupid: plasma or LCD it is just a new (not the most practical) technology that is being applied to every product out there…
            I think that the new thing is that it is not really looking as the kitchen are today, cooking in front of friends with the help of a virtual chef.

  • Luke Riggall says:

    The Volare design must be really deep although it does a good job hiding it with those curves its not saving space at all.

    If it has to be deep enough for the induction hob to slide out like a drawer then its going to stick out a lot but when the hob is slid out then it will be twice as deep meaning it would probably be about 1100mm out from the wall?!

  • Confucius says:

    They’re fun ideas. Although that diagonal support for the table will NEVER support that weight.

    • Echo says:

      Well, I don’t really understand your comment, do you know how much does it weight? And which material they are using? I think it is funnier to not have a box..

  • idesign says:

    I’m confused… they both look like nice designs but where am i storing my pots, pans, food, etc… the volar is sexy, but impractical, theres no sense of overall scale and would have to be mounted into a very deep wall inorder to accomidate all those appliances… i guess for a concept its cool… i like the colors

  • M.S.W. says:

    Where’s the drip tray for the wall unit beverage/ice dispensers?

  • mini says:

    reminds me on a similar project i have seen once!
    But this was a alarm clock.

  • Julie Ballard says:

    Sounds good but being a chef/home economist would love to test it and get some recipes up and running
    julie ballard

  • TJ says:

    I think this is great! Yeah, its not for those who want traditional.. but not everyone does. This would allow you to do what ever you like to the room that becomes your kitchen. Also, its ergonomic with everything now being centrally located as well. Also can be used in smaller rooms in areas where space is at a premium literally, example: Tokyo and the like.

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