Jaga Experience Truck by Arne Quinze

The instant success of the Experience Lab (project which aims to introduce people to their radiators without actually showing them) triggered the idea at Jaga (radiator brand) to bring the same experience and emotions into a moving platform or medium that allows to mimic this wherever in the world Jaga wants to go. That led to the idea of creating an ‘experience truck’. On the base of a Mercedes Actros platform, Arne Quinze designed a new body that holds a projection room – VIP lounge, kitchen. The body is completely handmade in high quality polyester and high tech coatings. The 90 windows in 6 different forms allows for a spectacular color pattern. Again the aim is to focus on the experience rather than the products.

Designer: Arne Quinze [ Via: Dezeen ]


  • Sam, Wisconsin says:

    White Space Odyssey with disco lights is not a selling design. I think this can be an individual taste, but not a mass production. Still, it is clean and creative.

  • Terry Leon says:

    Very astonishing and stunning model.

  • Chauffeur says:

    I have to say that is certainly one hell of a concept vehicle, not sure how it fits into luxury and or camper van arena, other than being of a moderately decent size to maneuver around and park in compared to the standard sized luxury alternative, it could I suppose cater for the limo/night out category as does have that VIP room feel about it.

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