RoundUp – Hose Wheel by Matthew Swinton

The Hose Wheel solves problems of storage, maintenance and use that occur with common garden hose reel storage products. This all-in-one unit allows the user to unroll and rewind the garden hose without having to pull or touch the hose. The unit travels to point of use, thus avoiding kinks, tangles and dirty hands.

The short hose feature allows the user to reach the distance of a seventy-five foot garden hose while only having to deal with six. Though the concept shows a shorter length of hose being used, longer lengths could be used to suit the needs and wants of the user.

Designer: Matthew Swinton


  • M says:

    Best hose reel I’ve ever seen. Getting the hose tight while winding might be an issue but overall a fantastic Idea. An alternative, a hose end at the nozzle end with a small spike so a user can pin the end where the hose is used, reel back to the bib, hook up then go to the end and spray. Use the hose, walk back turn off, unhook, reel back and in to storage area. Saves a trip.

  • anelli says:

    That’s a very useful invention. Really like it

  • G says:

    Looks good, however i think theres a major flaw in the design. When the unit is unwound the hub will spin faster than the hose can unwind & opposite in reverse!

  • usefull says:

    Great design it would be perfect for my old dad ;o)

    But how did you solve the problem with the roll being smaler than the wheels? when you turn the wheels the roll for the hose are going slower than the wheels be course its smaller….

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