BloomStone – Endless Stone Surface by Demakersvan

The stone floor is cut in a way that the seams create patterns. In this way it is possible to have an endless stone surface without tiles, or to have decorative interruptions in a tile floor. By using certain natural stone types, decorative parts can be highlighted by a traditional technique used during finishing the floor.

Designer: Demakersvan


  • Christine says:

    This is really niiiice.

  • SD says:

    I like the top image better. As explained by the concept, that would look really cool. The grids on the bottom image, whether they’re seams or not, loses that clean “seamless” illusion. It just makes it look like any tiled flooring.

    Otherwise, cool idea!

    • Skittles says:

      The top picture is the concept, the bottom picture us meant to look like any tiled flooring because that’s what it is. It is showing a comparison of the concept to what is currently being used.

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