Fox Fur Double Hammock by Bless Studio

If the idea of a fur hammock sounded good and that the idea of a double one sounded even better, then it is only when you see this impeccably-made creation by German design studio Bless that you realize it is a truly spectacular one. One prostrate moment suspended in its silky soft caresses will have you believing your name is Roger, that you sleep with a sidearm and that an adjacent Barbara Bach or some similarly naked double agent is begging you – rather persuasively – not to use it. Bless is a very clever company (one of the growing number to contribute to German’s progressive design reputation) moving from clothing to jewellery to homeware with equal audacity. This beautifully-realized piece, produced in collaboration with Montreal’s foremost design gallery Commissaries, promises to exalt their star still further. Assembled by German’s most skillful fur artisan the fox fur blanket is dyed black and lined with cashmere.

Designer: Bless Studio


  • Anonymous says:


  • Jason says:

    Wow, now that looks super comfy… and sexy. I wish I could take a nap in that right now.

  • ih!mlen says:

    id’ rather buy it if it was faux fox fur…

  • Rahel says:

    Animals raised for fur spend their entire lives in tiny cages before being slaughtered in any number of horrific ways to prevent damage to the pelt. Trapped animals can suffer for days in traps, awaiting execution. THis not only happens to wild animals, but to cats and dogs. There is no way of knowing whose skin you’re in.

    It’s also NOT better for the environment–more chemicals are used to stop it from rotting than would be used in the entire process of creating faux fur. FUR IS DEAD. Make a compassionate choice and boycott real fur!

  • Rahel says:

    Note: I am in no way associated with PETA. I just think that fur is completely unnecessary.

  • alive says:

    what a selfish bunch of individuals: the company, designers, advertisers and whosoever purchases this absolute waste of foxes who were doing just fine on their own. maybe next time, include the faces of the foxes where one selfish human would rest his or her poor weary head… for the extreme version, include the entrails of the fox and the anal electrocution rod used to kill it so as not to damage the fur.

    bless you, indeed.

  • Bryne says:

    So what else should foxes be used for then ? They make excellent fur items, like the hammock, bedspreads, coats, jackets and just used as pelts. Keep up the good work !

  • hedsaw says:

    Looks very comfy, I’d like to just crawl in between the layers and sleep like a sloth.

    How bout a nice hammock stand to match?

    To the anti-fur protesters, go elsewhere! the comments are for the actual design itself you are no better than a spammer!

    FYI I do agree with you, just address the right people in the right place, websites are the No.1 place not to go when protesting, we don’t want trolls coming in here which you protesters attract.

  • sam says:

    I literally got sick over this. It all comes around full circle, though. Perhaps think of using faux fur next time—keep on the (r)evolutionary track.

  • Galimore says:

    The day will come (hopefully soon) where we shall be able to grow natural fur by way of skin stem cells in purpose built labs so that we don’t ever have to slaughter such beautiful animals again. Research is already being conducted to grow meat in such a manner as well (though I am not a meat eater). I digress!

    Until then, as much as I like this design, I would only consider buying a faux fur or at the very most a sheep-skin hammock. Maybe I should go away and make one myself! I am sure it would sell!

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