Urban Pooch Dwelling by Lisa Thomas

Urban Pooch is a pet brand developed by designer Lisa Thomas to explore the unique nature of urban dwelling dog owners. This brand specifically targets an urban, trendy market, while tackling the issue of dog owners living in compact spaces. The design has a personified “figure” form that has an elliptical base that fits seamlessly against a wall. This maximizes one’s space and does not interfere with the flow of traffic in the home.

The bowls that are oriented on the “shoulders,” and the angle of the form directs dogs to eat parallel to the form, again forcing them out of the way of traffic, especially in small spaces (versus eating the traditional perpendicular way out of a bowl) The height of the structure is ergonomically correct for the animal and human.

The base of the product acts as storage for food, treats, toys etc.
This again maximizes storage capacity and keeps things tidy in the home. The torso fits onto the base, acting as a lid to keep the food fresh.

The top portion, or the “head” of the design is a handle which is used to lift the structure to access the base. This is also made of rubber to give it a fun appeal. The handle also makes the product dynamic and portable around the home (like on a terrace, or patio outside). The product also can grow with a puppy, and help the user regulate the food and water easier. The bowls can be taken out when they are young, and as they grow, the entire torso section can be taken off which raises it off the ground a little more.

Designer: Lisa Thomas