White Noise Lamp for Ill & Elderly by Shane Crozier

The White Noise Lamp is a furniture piece inspired by Alvar Aalto’s work on the Paimio Sanatorium, and in particular, his chair of the same name. The White Noise Lamp is designed as a furniture piece for the ill and elderly who find themselves in the unfamiliar and predominantly sterile surroundings of a medical institution. The concept is that warm diffuse lighting and white noise can help relax the patient. The aesthete of the piece is designed to counterbalance the sterility of the surrounding environment and provide a more homely atmosphere.

Designer: Shane Crozier


  • chris says:

    light will only flow from the sides of this light and VERY minimal light will flter through the tiny ‘flowery’ holes. An elderly individual in a hospital would more likely become incredibly frustrated witht this lamp as they fiddled with it to get enough light to read a book or knitt a garment. The elderly are generally ‘stuck in their ways’ and want the comfort of familiarity, not a funky new lamp design with irretating light output.

    Looks cool, but is far from solving any problem, or retaining the basic function of a lamp.

    You’re probly stuck on thewood, but i say try a different material…possibly a tranlucent film mimicking wood grain….or something along those lines.

  • henry says:

    i love combination of light and wood, really nice

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