Cutlery by Ferran Adria

The gastronomic concoctions of Spanish super-chef, Ferran Adria have never been for the faint of heart, so it will be no surprise that a new cutlery collection conceived by the maverick masterchef presents something of a challenge to dining convention. Responding to the growing demand for tools that enhance the Adria-style culinary experience, the chef and his team have collaborated with a team of designers headed by Luki Uber to produce a whole range of kitchen and tableware, part of which is this line of innovative cutlery. The pieces reference classic utensils, but twist them to suggest a new way of dining a spoon in which to serve one-mouthful courses, tong-picks for efficient snacking, the two-tine fork for better lancing of your steak, and a strainer spoon for grappling with Ramen-style soups are among the innovations. They are available in Paris’ Le Bon March Rive Gauche and Barcelona’s interiors Mecca, Vinon, which has devoted a whole room to an exhibition of the entire line, including more conventional pieces such as chefs’ knives, and a series of stackable cooking accessories, and retails under the name Faces.

Designer: Ferran Adria