Last Drop Martini Glass by Lee Fain

The idea behind this concept is, good to the last drop. A dark blue “Gin Droplet” is suspended in the middle of the glass thus, enabling the user to have an eternal experience of the “last drop”. I wanted the glass to look like it was being attracted to the bottle. Raw material include tinted blue glass with a dark smoke gradient, 24k gold rim and a cap base.

Designer: Lee Fain


  • Carrie Ann says:

    GOOO LEEE!!! Love you….

  • powaz says:

    Matt told me the story on the gold accents, that sucks. Oh well, gorgeous design anyway.

  • Steevn says:

    As an avid Martini glass collector with over 100 original designs in our collection, I must say your art is one of the most beautiful I’ve seen. It is elegant, yet has a powerful design.
    It is a martini glass, but not a martini glass. The concept of the last drop was brilliant. Thank you for sharing this beautiful piece of art with us. I was just surfing the net and came across this site.

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