LongIsland – Cooking Table by Andi Kern & Arnie Bollensen

LongIsland is a sophisticated combination of professional cooking and elegant dining. The cooking table, which can be positioned anywhere in the room, combines a fixed cooking block with a sliding tabletop. Supported by a base frame, it can be moved freely to the right or left. The practical worktop, for instance, becomes a table for five in moments notice. A four-zone electric cook-top is flush-fit in the stainless steel cooking block. The tabletop is available in wood veneer or laminate. The choices are bamboo/oak, walnut/zebrano or white/mango.

Flexibility is in the foreground with the Liberty Island:

The mobile cooking element with glass cover and mobile container can be positioned against a dining table, either indoors or out. When opened, the glass cover protects against splattering while cooking; closed, it covers the dual-zone induction cook-top. The mobile container is used for storing cooking utensils. When not in use, the cooking element can be attached to the mobile container.

Designer: Andi Kern & Arnie Bollensen [ Manufacturer: Alno ] [ Via: Mocoloco ]