Print Nigella’s Recipe From The Telly

There are many reasons why the Skyworth_Memory Share has a place in the future of television evolution. Thanks to the recording feature that Satellite TV operators provide, many a times we tend to pause or replay certain segments of our favorite show, just to capture and relive that moment. I do it a lot during the complex Yoga postures or when noting a recipe from a cook show. With Skyworth_Memory Share, you simply hit the print button and it screen capture of the program gets printed.

  • Skyworth_Memory Share TV can print what appears on the screen.
  • It forges a connection between electronic files that are enjoyed on the TV screen and physical photos.
  • The base offers a printing and scanning function, yet it takes the appearance of a regular TV stand.
  • The rear surface is formed with metal sheet that is bent at the top and bottom.
  • This overcomes the high cost of plastic molds.
  • In addition, the metal can be recycled.
  • The TV is tall, thin, and lightweight.
  • Discreet rows of ventilation perforations appear at the rear.

Skyworth_Memory Share is a 2013 red dot award: design concept winner.

Designers: Ren Tingming, Chen Zhiyong, Cui Chao, Fang Feixiang, He Lian, Peng Liyuan, Tian Yu, Wang Xiaochun, Wang Zhengxian & Wei Shuxiao

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