One Stealthy Little Tender

The 7 meter D23 tender was designed with elegance in mind, focusing on simple lines & angular shapes that add to both its style & hydrodynamics. The D23’s standard teak deck, fender-style seats, carbon fiber details, & complete customizability are appealing, but the paramount innovation is the unique placement of the 175HP engine which provides the benefits of an outboard with the aesthetic & spatial advantages of an inboard made possible by a thoughtful combination of the boat’s volumes and proportions.

Ideal as a tender for mega-yachts or a water taxi at resorts, the D23 is designed for up to 6 people and offers adaptable seating and deck configuration possibilities depending on user’s needs. Just a few options include a bow capable of being closed with a sundeck, a protective and adjustable windshield, or even an option hard top or removable bikini that’s perfect for hot summer days.

Designer: Ubica

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