LED Bud Lighting Up

Just twist on up! The cap above the pedal, that is. It’s like a volume knob, opening the flower or closing it, bringing the light to a broader world or directing it to a sharper area. 32 warm and cold LEDs spread across four adjustable pedals on a pivot and twist head joint.

Take a peek at the black border image down there while I explain up here to see what I’m chatting at you about! Down from the light head there’s a twist joint that twists 300degrees (weird?) and a counter-weight on the bottom to hold the light up. There’s a couple of dimmers in here too- one for cold light, one for warm!

Fifteen vold D.C socket under the bottom base, 4 watts power consumed total. Kind of a small amount you might think. Are you all up into this?

Designer: Will Earl

Desk Lamp BUD by Will Earl 01

Desk Lamp BUD by Will Earl 02

Desk Lamp BUD by Will Earl 03

Desk Lamp BUD by Will Earl 04

Desk Lamp BUD by Will Earl 05

Desk Lamp BUD by Will Earl 06

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