Your Dentist Will Know Everything

When I’m flat on my back, mouth open, bright lamp shining overheard, I feel vulnerable. So when my Dentist asks me “have you been flossing” in that dark tone all Dentist possess. I want to lie and say “everyday, twice a day!” but sadly I know deep down inside, my Dentist can see right thru me. The Oral Hygiene Monitor makes it that much easier for your Dentist to know what you’ve been doing with your mouth.

A small unit containing a scanning plate can be mounted anywhere in your home. Each day you are to bite down on the plate and place it back on the unit. Information about your mouth is then transmitted to your Dentist. The personalize database will help you and your Dentist decide what’s best for your teeth and mouth. My God! It’s like Big Brother’s in my mouth!

Designer: Sarah Tisdale