realme 13 Pro series is coming with ultra clear camera powered by HYPERIMAGE+ AI

Smartphone cameras have gotten quite powerful, that they might have hit a wall when it comes to hardware. Although they have reached mind-blowing 100 megapixels, sensors have also gotten a little too large for the ever-thinning smartphones. To make up for that slump in optical solutions, manufacturers are turning to software, specifically everyone’s favorite AI special sauce, to produce astounding images and experiences that wouldn’t have been possible with hardware alone. That said, AI alone won’t be enough either, so at its AI Imaging Media Preview Event in Bangkok, realme unveiled a new AI photography architecture that harnesses both powerful optics and powerful algorithms to bring mobile photography to the next level.

Designer: realme

realme’s new HYPERIMAGE+ AI photography architecture, which it claims is a first for the industry, leverages three layers to create its seemingly magical imaging feats. It stands on a solid foundation of powerful hardware, delivered by a new Sony LYT-701, a 50MP sensor with OIS, and a 50MP Sony LYT-600 paired with a periscope-style telephoto lens that lets it zoom in up to 3x without any loss in detail. The hardware alone would have been enough to handle any photography task even in challenging lighting situations, so you can imagine how much more impressive the results would be with help from AI.

HYPERIMAGE+ also utilizes both on-device AI imaging algorithms as well as cloud-based AI image editing to go beyond what the hardware is capable of. HyperRAW, for example, brings image processing capabilities to the high-quality RAW domain, boosting image quality and dynamic range to faithfully recreate light and shadows. AI Pure Bokeh helps in the separation of foreground, midground, and background elements, applying pixel-level segmentation and targeted optimization to create realistic portrait photos, all within seconds. And in the event that the cameras weren’t able to capture enough resolution for rich details, AI Ultra Clarity enhances the image to still produce crystal clear and stunning images.


Of course, all these benefits of AI would be meaningless if it doesn’t get into the hands of those who need it the most. Young users, in particular, are always craving stunning photos, striking videos, and unforgettable memories, pushing the boundaries of what their smartphones are capable of. They are, therefore, the perfect audience for this ultra clear camera with AI, and are exactly who the upcoming realme 13 Pro+ will be aiming for. realme’s AI-empowered flagship is set to launch soon, though details are still scant and will be provided closer to the launch date.