Polycarbonate plastic chair can be turned into side table

People have different tastes when it comes to furniture, even something as functional as chairs. There are those that look for comfort while there are those that just want something they can sit on when working. There are people who look for highly aesthetic chairs that can fit into their space while there are those that like to look for more experimental kind of chairs.

Designer Name: Liam de la Beyodere

If you’re the last kind of person, this chair concept might be right up your alley. The Push Fit Chair uses frosted injection-moulded polycarbonate plastic for its parts. When you push them together and assemble it, you get a chair that sports a crystal-clear aesthetic. The idea is for light and colors to flow through the chair and lets it cast different patterns and shapes on nearby surfaces.

You can also remove the backrest part of the chair if you want to just have a stool type of furniture. You can also put the backrest on the side so you get a side table along with your chair. There is also space under where you can store items like books and knick knacks. If you put the full chair with the chair/side table together, then you have a more complete set.

Chairs made from polycarbonate plastic may not seem the most comfortable but based on the renders, you get something really pleasing to the eyes. And of course, we love multi-functional and modular things here, so that’s another bonus fro the Push Fit Chair.