This e-trike with full suspension strikes the right balance between riding in city and beyond

Electric bikes have their own environmental and health advantages. However, riding for long distances – if you’re not a pro – or when planning to go off the tarmac, an e-bike is not the best companion. Before you look for a capable pickup truck – that’ll never be the first choice for a city commute later – spare a thought for an electric trike; a three-wheel genius that strikes the right balance between the comfort of a car and the environmental and health benefits of a bike.

In the past, the shape and design of electric trikes have centered around driving pleasure, speed, and range. To present a commuter of the future, one that’s equally capable of riding within the city and on paved roads, California-based Addmotor has introduced the Grandtan X electric priced competitively at $3,299.

Designer: Grandtan X

For most of us, it’s a breathtaking new design, but actually, the Grandtan X is a feature-rich version of Addmotor’s previous Grandtan e-trike, with a new high-capacity battery, powerful motor, fat tires, and front and back suspension that makes riding the uneven roads a smoother experience. The full suspension system means comfort for the rider, while the trike’s 750W rear-mount motor ensures up to 1,400W of power, translating into 90 Nm torque to take the rider at 20mph top speed.

The Grandtan X, for robustness on any terrain, has a frame made using 6061 aluminum alloy. The rear-mounted motor adds to the stability and provides a better balance whether cruising through the street or riding over gravel with equal comfort and exhilaration. For a convenient journey uphill or down the hill, the trike has more than seven pedal assistant levels, and also has a mechanical disc brake featuring an automatic motor cutoff sensor to slow or stop it instantly.

The 127.9 lbs trike is powered by a 960-Wh Li-ion battery pack comprising Samsung 21700 cells, which take eight to ten hours to complete a full charge from a 30A output. The battery offers 85 miles of range per charge, while the IPX6 water resistance allows the Grandtan X to drive hassle-free through the elements. As off-roading enthusiasts will love to ride beyond the city roads courtesy of the bike’s rear differential that permits the wheels on the back to adjust to different speeds and terrains, the city explorers will like the trailer attachment, which enhances the trike’s cargo hauling capacity with a trailer in tow.