80% of Mattel Games will be made Color-Blind Accessible by the end of 2024

For generations, classic games like Uno have brought people together for friendly competition. But for the estimated 300 million people worldwide with color blindness, these games haven’t always been accessible. Mattel, the iconic toymaker behind these beloved games, is making a significant stride towards inclusivity. They recently announced that by the end of 2024, 80% of their global games portfolio will be colorblind accessible, with that number rising to 90% by the end of 2025.

Designer: Mattel

This update isn’t a radical overhaul. Instead, it involves subtle design tweaks that ensure gameplay isn’t hindered by color vision deficiency. For instance, Uno will now feature symbols alongside the traditional colors and numbers. A square represents blue, a circle red, a diamond yellow, and a triangle green. This way, players can identify cards based on the symbol without relying solely on color. Similarly, Blokus, a strategic board game, will incorporate patterns on its colored game pieces for better differentiation. These changes extend to other popular Mattel games like Dos, Phase 10, Skip-Bo, and Ker Plunk.

Partnering with ColorADD, a group specializing in colorblind-friendly design solutions, Mattel demonstrates a commitment to thoughtful implementation. This isn’t just about adding symbols; it’s about collaborating with experts to ensure the updates are effective for players with color blindness. The new features go beyond the games themselves. Updated instruction sheets will include dedicated sections for colorblind players, and the packaging will sport a special badge featuring a multicolored eye icon for easy identification.