Beeper-inspired power bank concept mixes vintage design with modern tech

You can easily determine the historical setting of a TV show or piece of fiction by the technologies used in it. The presence of beepers, for example, puts the timeline in the 90s, though some modern hospitals still use this limited and straightforward communication gadget because of their simplicity. Of course, today’s messaging culture leaves very little room for a pager and some younger people might not even know what it is. To keep that nostalgic design alive and give it a more contemporary function, this concept design wraps a power bank in a beeper aesthetic while also giving it one fun feature reminiscent of its original purpose.

Designer: PTPC

The beeper or pager was a small black box that would show a message as a single line of scrolling text. The very first cell phones capable of SMS inherited this trait until they got screens capable of displaying multiple lines at once. It might seem archaic by today’s standards, but it also enforced a certain simplicity and terseness to the messages sent. You only sent important messages and got straight to the point without dropping vowels or letters.

This portable battery concept embraces the retro aesthetic of a beeper but also puts a few modern twists, like using a translucent shell or adopting colors other than black and gray. It still inherits the simplistic interface of a pager, however, with very few buttons and ports. Despite the minimalism, the concept boasts of a 10,000 mAh battery that’s more than enough power to juice up phones or even tablets.

The beeper power bank does have a two-line monochrome display with a font similar to that of those old-school gadgets. While it does show battery information as you might expect, it does also have a secondary function. It can show messages sent from phones via Bluetooth, mimicking the duty of the original device. You still have a limited viewing space, but you can at least now use emojis and special characters more easily, allowing you to express your message more effectively with fewer letters.

That messaging feature is, of course, just a whimsical add-on that isn’t critical to the product’s charging function. It is, however, also a fun addition, one that would make such a design more memorable and appealing, especially to a younger generation who might not even know what a beeper is.