Tulipan Pod lets you keep your privacy but still be connected to the outside world

As much as I love working with my officemates, there are times when I wish my cubicle had a mute button so I could focus on whatever task I need to finish at the moment. But of course unless I had my own room where I could close the door or I step away from my space and hide somewhere, that cannot happen. Companies that have a more creative work space can use the more innovative open space layouts and furniture that we’re seeing lately.

Designer: Industrial Facility for +Halle

The Tulipan Pod is one such kind of furniture that was developed for +Halle by London design studio Industrial Facility. It’s basically an enclosed workspace that is not totally isolated but gives the user the option of temporarily shutting away other people in the office or still working in a private space but being a bit more “open”. It also has a softer look than other enclosed workspaces that we’re seeing as it gives off a plush texture.

The pod has a cylindrical shape with one half of it stable and immobile, featuring a small table where you can place your laptop and other small work tools. The other half swivels around and can serve as your door to close out the outside world. There’s a seat with a soft back so you’re comfortable even when enclosed. If you want to talk to other people or see your environment, you just swivel out. The top part is also open so you still get to be connected to your surroundings and you also get properly circulating air.

Of course if you’re claustrophobic, you probably will not want to swivel into the pod or use the pod at all. But for those who need a bit of privacy while still have the option to be connected to the rest of your office, then this is a pretty good alternative to keep out chatty officemates when you need to focus.