Grater Rain, the first and only hand held, one touch cheese grater lets you rain heaps of Parmesan Cheese over your Pasta and Salads

Meet Grater Rain, the first and only handheld, one-touch cheese grater. Simply push the button and rain heaps of Parmesan cheese over your Pasta and Salads. No more workouts every time you want to enjoy your favorite cheese or chocolate on your food. The one-press electric grater lets you simply remove the lower housing from the refrigerator, attach the upper drive housing, and push the button for instant grated cheese. Grater Rain is the only grater designed to store your cheese and or chocolate in the refrigerator, completely sealed in the housing. Three grater discs let you choose between fine, coarse, and shaved grating, and all you really need to do is hold the Grater Rain over your pasta, salad, pizza, sandwich, or frankly even your mouth as the grater delivers perfect Parmesan goodness at the press of a button. Swap out the hard cheese for a block of chocolate and you can use it over coffees, desserts, or a nice hot chocolate too. The entire process takes 10 seconds from refrigerator to grated goodness on your plate.

Designer: Jimmy Olmes

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The Grater Rain automates a process that has traditionally required a fair amount of elbow grease. There was a time when whipping cream, mixing dough, or juicing fruit was done manually by hand… until the electric whisk, KitchenAid, and the blender made life easier. Grater Rain does the same for hard cheeses and chocolates, automating the process of grating or shaving just by pressing a button. The Grater Rain’s design splits into two parts – the container, which holds the food, and the motor, which gives you one-button grated food. When detached, the container should be stored in a fridge, helping prolong your food’s shelf life while giving you a convenient container to hold your cheese or chocolate. The motor, on the other hand, stays outside, lasting months between charges. Attach both modules and the Grater Rain is ready to douse your food in copious amounts of Parmesan. Press a button and it gets to work, automatically grating till you get it to stop.

Shaved Cheese!

Coarse Cheese

Fine Cheese

The lower container element comes with a nifty refrigerator-friendly design. A hollow interior lets you load the cheese or chocolate of your choice. Hard cheeses like Parmesan, Pecorino, Grana-Padano, or Manchego work best, and any solid block of chocolate will work too, as long as it’s right out of the fridge. One end of the container has a piston, which interfaces with the motor, and the other has the grating plate, which can be swapped out depending on whether you want fine/coarse grating, or shavings.

Various Blades

The upper element features a rechargeable battery-powered motor that works for 3 months on a full charge (that’s a LOT of cheese). A single button powers the entire device, and to get started, all you do is take the lower container out of the fridge, lock it into the upper motor, and hit the power button. The Grater Rain instantly (and consistently) grates over your food, with an enclosed blade design that lets even kids safely use the electric grater. Once you’re done, detach the lower container and put it back in the fridge – you don’t need to clean the Grater Rain between uses, like you would most traditional graters… and when you run out of cheese/chocolate, all of the lower housing components are dishwasher safe so they can all go into the dishwasher for periodic cleaning.

Chocolate Shavings!

The entire contraption stands at 8.4 inches tall or splits into a 4.1-inch container that goes in the fridge, and a 4.3-inch motor that charges using USB-C. The Grater Rain comes with a 3-year warranty, and the company even makes electric salt and pepper grinders that let you season your food like you’re living in the year 2040!

Click Here to Buy Now: $139 $199 ($60 off). Hurry, only a few left! Raised over $136,000.