Gudetama 35mm camera lets you embrace basic analog photography

Gudetama is one of my favorite Sanrio characters as I find that I relate a lot to it even though it’s an anthropomorphic egg yolk. I’ve watched its “Eggcelent Adventures” on Netflix and I also collect various stationary stuff featuring this lazy ennui-filled cute egg. I’m not alone in this obsession as the character has 852,000 followers on Instagram and has probably sold a lot of Sanrio merch as well.

Designer: Retrospekt for Sanrio

Another Gen Z thing that has been trending lately is a throwback to 35mm digital cameras. And no one does retro tech products better than Retrospekt. Their latest collaboration with Sanrio is the limited edition Gudetama Restrospekt FC-11 35mm Film Camera which has the egg yolk character on center stage, or rather, center camera. The camera has a silicone lens cap and the body has faux leather artwork with the different Gudetama versions.

It is a pretty simple point-and-shoot camera with a 1m fixed-focus lens and built-in optional flash. All you have to do is look through the viewfinder, line up your shot, press the shutter button, and then get your 35mm film developed in your favorite film developing shop. It’s just like any other 35mm film camera except you have the Gudetama butt staring at you when you look into the viewfinder.

The camera has a 200-400 ISO with a 31mm f/9 lens and 1/120 second shutter speed. It’s pretty light as it only weighs 122g and may even be lighter than your smartphone. It’s pretty cute that kids these days are enjoying taking analog photos and having cute cameras like this one adds to the appeal.