The DeLorean gets a Cyberpunk Makeover that brings it back to the ‘real’ future

The beauty of the term future is that it’s a constantly evolving concept. The future was very different for people living in the 80s versus now… and that goalpost keeps shifting, so if we want to ensure something looks ‘futuristic’, by its own definition, it has to constantly evolve with the times. Designer Loïc Chauvin decided that the DMC DeLorean needed this revival too, given that its aesthetic may have looked futuristic in the mid-80s, but not right now. Chauvin’s redesign brings neo-cyberpunk styling to the retropunk car, modernizing it without necessarily diluting its iconic aesthetic.

Designer: Loïc Chauvin

The design starts with the instantly recognizable silhouette of the classic DeLorean. The sleek stainless-steel body and gull-wing doors remain, instantly transporting us back to the 1980s. However, the car’s body is refined in keeping with modern times. The headlight and taillight are updated with what feels like Hyundai-inspired grid-matrix lighting, and the spoilers on the back add a nifty edgy touch. The paint job is made more premium thanks to a matte coat, and the use of matte black on the doors and parts of the roof.

Designer, Loïc Chauvin, meticulously crafted the DeLorean Cyberpunk Edition using Gravity Sketch, a state-of-the-art virtual reality design tool. This allowed for the creation of a car that perfectly merges the timeless DeLorean design with cyberpunk elements, finally being rendered in Unreal Engine. The result? A Restomod aesthetic that features extended bumpers, fenders, large diffusers, and unique louvers, all complementing the original DeLorean’s charm. Inspiration is also drawn from the Hyundai N Vision 74 concept, with elements that seamlessly integrate with the DeLorean’s sleek form.

Chauvin’s design is an exercise in futuristic reiteration. We’ve all seen the DMC issue the new Alpha5 EV back in 2022, but there’s really no synergy between the original car seen in the BTTF film franchise and the redesigned EV slated for a release this year. Instead, Chauvin brings gradual, meaningful upgrades to the existing DeLorean without taking away its core essence of being one of the coolest cars to dominate pop culture in the 80s. Someone who sees Chauvin’s redesign will still appreciate what it stood for 40 years ago, while also being able to recognize it for what it is – a gorgeously modern piece of automotive art.

Via Automotive Design Planet