Genesis X Dog Concept has every luxury your pooch needs before, during, and after travel

Max tells me; being a celeb dog is not an easy thing. You have to dress up well, eat without spilling or slurping, have trimmed nails, clean paws, and be at your best behavior at all times. Ah, poor doggo! After all the made-up life throughout the day, Max deserves the ultimate relaxation and time of his own during traveling, he says. Luxury automaker Genesis seems to have heard his woof and has created an ultimate dog-friendly space exclusively to fit in the boot of the Electrified GV70. This is what Max would’ve always needed. A dedicated area to himself that would take care of his before, during, and after travel needs.

The Genesis X Dog concept is primarily meant to allow the four-legged friend to relax with all the possible amenities inside it or at the paw’s reach. Along with the comfortable ride of its Electrified GV70, the interesting dog module allows the pooch to have a relaxed me time, drenched in the luxuries of a cozy bed, ambient lighting, and Bluetooth audio system.

Designer: Genesis

A lightweight, retractable aluminum and carbon fiber ramp has been designed to provide easy access for the dog into the luxury crate resting in the boot of the Electrified GV70. Sitting there, the dog can feel as special as their owners while on the road with all the range of exclusive accessories and equipment at their disposal.

Matching with the interior of the Genesis electric, the Genesis X Dog Concept has quilted vegan leather sidewalls and comes with bespoke features including a heated dog bed, Bluetooth audio system, ambient lighting with the pull-out ramp facilitating entry and exit. More interesting here is the built-in electric shower (attached to a six-liter pressurized water tank) with a hairdryer for the pooch to clean up after her muddy adventures.

To ensure the time within the Genesis X Dog Concept is as comfortable and personalized as possible for the dog, it features an anti-skid surface, a safety lock mechanism comprising two straps on the sides, a safety harness and a leather dog collar. Before you start believing in the luxury and willing to inculcate it into your pooch’s lifestyle, this is just a concept that Genesis would be displaying in its select studios between 9 May and 5 June.