Idyllic Little Home With A Porch Reading Area Looks Straight Out Of A Classic Novel

Most tiny homes nowadays tend to be contemporary-style dwellings outfitted with modern amenities. They may not be luxurious, but they are comfortable in a functional way, and they meet all your basic requirements. Baluchon is known for its quaint contemporary-style homes, however, it designed a traditional tiny house design that takes us right back to the nascent days of the micro-living movement. Called the Miss Twain Tiny House, this home measures 20 feet and is adorned with an idyllic little porch reading area.

Designer: Baluchon

Named after famous author Mark Twain (the owner is an avid reader and a long-time fan) the Miss Twin Tiny Home is founded on a double-axle trailer, and accentuated with a red cedar finish, and an aluminum roof. The tiny home is on the smaller, more compact size, and is almost half the size of typical North American models. The porch is quite compact but has adequate space for a chair. The porch also leads to the living room, which is fitted with a sofa bed for guests, a coffee table, a wood-burning stove, and an operable table.

The kitchen is adjacent to the living room, and it features a sink, fridge, drop-down table for two, two-burner propane-powered stove, microwave, and some cabinetry. The kitchen is also equipped with a large storage unit. From the kitchen we move on to a small bathroom which is quite basic, containing only a shower and a toilet. The bathroom doesn’t have a wash basin, which is quite inconvenient, and users will need to wash their hands in the kitchen sink, which doesn’t rate it high on the hygiene factor.

The Miss Twin Tiny Home features two loft spaces, with the larger loft room functioning as a bedroom, and is accessible via a ladder. It has a low ceiling and double bed, much like most loft-style rooms in tiny homes. The second loft room is intended for storage and is placed over the living room. You can access it via a removable ladder as well.