Minimalist desk lamp is a flexible and functional space saver

For people who spend hours (or more than half the day) at their desk, having proper lighting is a major factor for productivity. If the room you’re in doesn’t always have the best lighting, having a proper desk lamp is also important. Sometimes though, lamps can be bulky and take up precious desk space. This concept for a desk lamp solves that problem and also brings a bit of sustainability to the table, so to speak.

Designers: Simone Guglielmetti, Tommasso Rossi, Andrea Tomaciello, Nikia Kirilovs

The Tars desk lamp is a minimalist concept that shouldn’t take up real estate in your work space. That’s because it’s designed to be clipped to the edge of the table so you’ll have space for all the important things you need to do on your desk. The design also makes it more flexible and gives it a wide range of movement so you can easily place the light where you actually need it. You can twist it around and probably also stretch it to a certain extent so it can reach the parts of your space that needs lighting.

Even the controls are pretty minimalist but also easy to use. The interface is on the bottom of the head so it’s easy to reach wherever you’ve placed the light. The circle button is to turn it on and off while the other button is to adjust the light temperature. They’re both edgeless and can be seen from both sides. The designers also said that it’s easy to assemble and disassemble, also keeping in mind the repairability when choosing the materials to create the lamp.

They were able to do a 3D printed model to make sure that all the functionalities that they designed were working. I for one would want to have a desk lamp like this since one of my problems in my home desk is space. As they say on the internet, “shut up and take my money” if this ever goes into production.