Lightweight, stylish Brillant Labs Frame AI-assisted glasses lets you engage more with the world

The idea of putting a wearable on the eyes that takes immersive interaction up close and personal is a mantra every tech company wants to recite. After the bigger ones like Google and Apple doing their bits in VR and AR glasses, a startup, Brillant Labs has developed a pair of AI glasses called the Frame that promises to put the power of generative AI in front of a person’s eye. This, as the company says, will introduce a paradigm shift in an individual’s daily living.

The Brillant Labs Frame is designed as the first-ever glasses with an integrated multimodal AI assistant. This assistant is built in-house and can learn with the usage to carry out tasks for you. On that point, some of us would remember the Rabbit R1, but the little rabbit is a handheld and the Frame is a circular pair of spectacles that resembles – in design – the ones made extraordinary by the likes of Mahatma Gandhi and Steve Jobs.

Designer: Brillant Labs

With a primary focus on AI capabilities, the Frame is backed by John Hanke, CEO of Niantic, the AR company behind the popular Pokémon Go game. The dual combination of technology is accompanied by a small display. The 640 x 400p micro-OLED display can show graphics and text overlayed on a real-world environment. In the middle of the Frame is a camera and the battery powering it is stationed at the back.

The Frame weighs only 40g and to ensure it is a new leap in wearable technology, it comes with the always-on AI assistant called Noa. The assistant taps into generative AI models like GPT-2, Whisper AI, and Stability AI, to generate text and graphics from the images captured by the camera, in response to the user query. The multimodal generative AI assistant therefore performs real-world visual processing and real-time speech recognition and translation to permit a user to engage more with the world around.

Courtesy Noa, the Frame will bring new experiences to everyday life, in workplaces, or even in classrooms. This is as the glasses can respond to what you ask by voice or text, and also to what you are seeing through them. So, you can, in real-time have the Frame tell you the price of jeans you are looking at in the store (by checking up online) and take notes of the content you are reading from your textbook.

Brilliant Labs has left the Frame as an open-source project with files for hardware and software available through GitHub. Additionally, it comes with support for prescription lenses for an additional price of $99. The lightweight, stylish, and visually distinguishing Brillant Labs Frame itself costs $349 and is now available for pre-order. Shipping is likely to start from April 15, 2024.