Leica EDC Multitool was designed for camera tinkerers as well as seasoned outdoor enthusiasts

Multitools have a special place in an adventurer’s life, who must always be prepared for an emergency when venturing outdoors. The best preparation against the unforeseen is having a multitool in the everyday carry gear. Offering a number of simple and effective ways to tackle a range of problems when outside the house, or in the everyday routine at home, for that matter, a multitool in its portable format is a constructive option.

If you’re an enthusiast, or for the knowledge of the not-so-familiar, Victorinox and Leatherman are arguably the two most prominent names in the multitool industry. With the use of new materials and formats, many competitors and young designers are reinventing the wheel. A case in point is the Leica Multi, which is an EDC designed for the famed optics giant with impressions of its cameras reflected in the form factor.

Designer: Marco Barbosa

Over the years with its unrelenting simplicity and compactness, the Leica cameras have paved the way for all types of modern photography. Now the Leica M forms the basis for the design of a multitool that draws more than its looks from the SL2 camera. The Leica Multi has a similar machined aluminum body and is manually assembled for precision and quality.

The smallest of design features of the Marco Barbosa’s multitool reflect the Leica brand image and closely represent its analog camera details, which would allow the familiar customers to use the multitool easily due to the acquired knowledge from using Leica cameras. To keep it in line, and more productive for Leica users, the Multi is made to stick (through a housing) to the bottom of a Leica camera where the tripod does. To ensure the everyday carry gear is even more versatile to use its housing includes a spatial reading photometer that harks back to the analog days.

Talking of versatility, the Leica Multi is designed in two parts. The screwdriver, Philips screwdriver, saw, knife, scissors, corkscrew, and cap opener are located on one side, while the precision instruments like the flashlight and goldsmith’s keys are placed on the other. Opening these individual tools is easy: select the tool and rotate the handle.

When the particular tool is fully open, it locks into place so it is hassle-free to use, and pressing the shoot button unlocks the tool to retrieve it back to its residing space. All the tools have a magnetic tip and the flashlight on the Multi goes on and off with the press of the Leica logo onboard. The Leica Multi, bare bone is directed toward Leica customers, but its design and effectiveness, I presume, will leave many outdoorsy yearning!