Invite Serenity Anywhere with the Elegance of a Wood & Brass Incense Holder

Whenever people think of fragrant aromas, most immediately presume something like essential oils. Of course, those aren’t the only way to indulge your nose, and some people prefer the smoky, woody, and unique scents produced by incense. Compared to oils, however, handling incense can be a bit of a hassle, especially the more popular long-stick variety. Never mind needing to light a small fire in the first place, making sure that the ashes don’t spill or get blown away can induce stress instead of calm. Fortunately, it doesn’t take much to fix this situation, and this elegant wood and brass box offers a simple yet effective solution to enjoy your favorite incense sticks safely and peacefully wherever you are.

Designer: Masami Tanaka of Takumi Tokyo

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Marrying walnut wood and brass in a seamless fusion that complements your living space.

You need fire to light up incense, and anything that burns always produces some residue, particularly ash. Regular incense stick holders, simple and portable as they are, barely do more than just hold up that thin, burning stick, leaving you with ashes to clean up, if they don’t get blown by a weak gust of wind and become fire hazards in the meantime. Rin is a simple yet beautiful solution that lets you carry those incense sticks with you, light them up for a few minutes of respite, and never worry about ash blowing in the wind.

The main body of this minimalist incense holder is made of walnut wood and is divided into two tiers. The lower tier has three long nooks that can hold five sticks each for a total of 15. Thanks to the natural properties of wood, each holder will be unique, both in the visual pattern of the grains as well as the texture and color, making each item a limited edition product.

The part that actually holds the burning incense is made of brass, a metal that is popular for developing unique and beautiful discolorations over time. The brass plate is recessed deep inside the wooden box so that the ashes don’t fly off after they’ve fallen inside. A matching brass cover can be used to snuff out the fire and also keep the ash secured inside until you’re ready to dispose of it properly.

The wood and brass elements, while contrasting in nature, beautifully complement each other and blend perfectly with any decor. The light brown of natural walnut brings out the golden yellow of brass, while the oil-painted darker colorway exudes a dapper character with the matching black brass cover and plate. And thanks to its small size, you can conveniently bring a bunch of your preferred incense sticks with you wherever you go, allowing you to enjoy brief moments of fragrant peace when and where you need it.

Click Here to Buy Now: $169 $199 (15% off at checkout).