Luxury incense holder concept puts a premium spin on a simple design

There’s a great deal of interest in essential oils and diffusers these days, but some people tend to prefer the distinct scent of incense. Incense sticks are simple and economical ways to enjoy such fragrances, but actually using and managing these very thin sticks can be a bit of a hassle, considering the different parts that could be involved. Some incense holders practice extreme minimalism to the point holding the burning stick is really all that they can do. These tend to try to match the incense’s aesthetic by utilizing wooden materials, but there is no hard rule that it is the only way to design incense holders, as this rather classy design concept tries to prove.

Designer: Nikhil Kapoor

The most basic incense holder design is simply a strip of wood that can hold an incense stick at an angle so that its ashes fall in a single place only (presuming there’s no gust of wind). The shape is a bit concave to make sure that the ashes don’t simply roll or fall off. This simplistic design makes the incense holder itself extremely portable, but then you’d also have to carry around a container for unused sticks as well as a lighter or match for lighting the stick.

In contrast, this design concept incorporates all three elements into a single design that quickly sets itself apart not just in function but also in aesthetics. Instead of wood, the design uses metal, most likely polished aluminum, to give the incense holder a reflective and luxurious appearance. The black top surface is probably some heat-resistant material, but it doesn’t take away anything from the product’s elegant looks. The silver and black colors contrast and complement each other nicely, but there is also room for other color combinations as well.

Just as interesting as its uncommon appearance is how a single product performs three functions. A hidden drawer at the bottom reveals space for holding reserve incense sticks, while a hole opposite the spherical stick holder is actually a lighter. This way, you need to bring one and only one thing with you so that you can enjoy your favorite incense scents anytime, anywhere. It would have been nice, however, if there was also a way to store the ashes temporarily so that you can keep your area clean until you’re ready to throw away those ashes in a proper bin.