Ambient lamp can be controlled by touch or smartphone connection

I don’t really think much about the aesthetics of lighting in my house. As long as I get the light that I need at different times of the day, I’m okay. But for those that like mood lighting, lamps are the best way to add more ambience to your room or space. Most of these lamps are well-designed but aren’t really built for a tactile experience. So if you’re looking for both, this concept for a “softer” lamp may be something to look forward to.

Designers: Pinar Aydogdu, Deniz Ozsuslu, Naren Yildirim

The Pofu Lamp is a concept for a lighting device that also doubles as a charging hub for your devices. But that in itself isn’t what makes it different from other lamps and chargers in one. Its selling point is that you can interact with it by squeezing and touching the lamp which is made from silicone material instead of plastic, giving it a softer and warmer touch. It also uses ABS plastic construction so you get a glossy finish and is able to support magnetic charging stations. You have the option to control it through touch or through your Bluetooth-connected smartphone.

Squeezing the lamp once will turn it on or off while a long squeeze will start the Bluetooth connection. When you do a double spin, you can remove the top and then turn the charging base into a charging hub. The lamp also gives two different modes depending on what you need the light for and maybe your mood as well. You get the usual warm yellow light which you can use at any time of the day and then you get the well-being mode which will adapt the color tones depending on the time of the day like with morning, noon, and evening.

The lamp itself has a triangular dome-like appearance and looks a bit softer compared to other lamps, at least from the product renders we’re seeing. The fact that it has a more tactile approach to controlling it while also having the option to still have a smartphone to control things like power, mode, and device connections. No word yet if this concept will eventually see the light of day.