Intelligent robot can become your child’s protector, teacher, playmate

While us adults (or maybe it’s just me?) may have recurring nightmares about our robot overlords one day rising up against us, most children don’t have such bad thoughts about robots. In fact they would probably enjoy having one as a companion especially if they don’t have any playmates yet. A concept for an “intelligent social robot” is more than just a companion for your child and may even replace you one day.

Designer: Igor Jankovic

Okay, that last part is just a joke (or is it?) but the concept for a robot called Sipro is one that will help parents be more productive, according to the designer. From the description itself, this robot will be able to do so many things for your child, from being a protector to a teacher to a playmate. It’s like a smart device, baby monitor, and babysitter all rolled into one robotic entity that will hopefully not take over your household.

The device has four microphones that is able to detect voices and various sensors that can help it move around the room. It will send a notification to the parent when the baby is crying or it may actually try to stop it crying by playing music, reading a story, or even playing the recorded voice of the parent if they’re not around. It also serves as an air purifier and a temperature sensor to adjust the air conditioner or to detect smoke or fire.

For fun things it can also project videos and photos on the wall, help your child with speech lessons, and even serve as a baby walker since a small child can ride on it since it has a self-balancing system. On paper, this robot can do a lot so if ever it is translated into an actual product, it is pretty interesting (and maybe a bit terrifying).