This Japanese flat-pack fire pit sets up effortlessly and uses a dual combustion system to amplify heat

When I say campfire, it would evoke a different emotion in each one of us. Time for self, chat with friends, searing meat for dinner; everything besides an ignited fire pit. One thing that remains constant though is the usual fuss of igniting the fire, tending to it, and ensuring it burns with less smoke and more heat. Finally, there may be a flat-packed fire pit that wants to ensure setting up fire is a breeze and you can control intensity and ambiance, thanks to its customizable metal plank design.

Designer: UM Design

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The user-friendly UM Fire Pit is a product of Japanese craftsmanship and immaculate metalwork. The design is pretty straightforward: you have a round base, that collects ash and has air vents to help in combustion as wood burns in the pit. The pit comprises eight similar-sized laser-cut and bent sheets of metal, which vertically fasten into the dedicated grooves in the base. You can choose to use a few or all of the planks, depending on whether you want to watch the fire burn when you’re sitting alone outside your tent, or want to barbecue steak for family dinner at the park next to your RV.

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Given its design, the UM Fire Pit disassembles and can fit – along with its grill grate – into the carrying bag the size of a laptop case. When you’re at the campsite, you can assemble the fire pit back up in under a minute and build an effective campfire with minimal hassle. Interestingly, the fire pit packed up for transportation weighs 13 lbs, so if you’re a backpacker, this may not be the best bet. But if you’re driving or riding into the wilderness, there cannot be a more utility fire pit companion for you.

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I say this not because the UM Fire Pit has a fancy design and appears trendy and everything. In fact, I base my argument on its dual combustion design. The air vents in the base generate airflow into the pit helping boost air circulation, which permits the wood to burn more efficiently with less smoke. The eight panels making an enclosed heat chamber create secondary combustion which allows the wood to burn well. A grill plate can be added to the top (covers half portion) of the vertically aligned planks to prepare a good, smoked meal made possible by the pit’s adjustable combustion system and optimized airflow.

And when you want more visibility of the fire and don’t want to use the grilling option, you can remove a few panels and create the balance of warmth and visibility you want. The ash collected in the base of the UM Fire Pit is easy clean up, while the corrosion-resistant stainless interior of the base and the metal planks assure durability and years of usage. The exterior black color of these panels exudes a rustic charm made possible with mill scale coating instead of paint. The fire pit is currently being crowdfunded, it has already reached the funding goal and should be in line with its estimated shipping time of January 2024. The UM Fire Pit will retail for $299 but is for now available at a discount of $225. The product is made and will be shipped from Japan, so overseas customers will have to bear shipping and customs fees.

Click Here to Buy Now: $225 $299 (25% off). Hurry, only 1/20 left, less than 48 hours to go!