Build your own Patek Philippe-style Chronograph using this DIY Wooden Watchmaking Kit

Not everyone can afford a Breguet, Rolex, Richard Mille, or Audemars Piguet. Not only are they ridiculously expensive, they’re also gatekept from us regular folk by an arduously long waiting and approval process. You don’t simply go buy a Patek Philippe, you need to be ‘approved’ to buy one. This artificial scarcity makes it difficult for any watch enthusiast to appreciate great watchmaking, but the folks at Tèfo Clockwork have a clever solution – their laser-cut DIY kits allow you to build some of the most beautiful movements and complications found on luxury watches. Instead of splurging millions on a timepiece, Tèfo’s DIY kits let you build working mechanisms for a few hundred dollars, turning them into functional table clocks instead.

Designer: Tèfo Clockwork

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Created by a team of hardcore horology-enthusiasts, Tèfo Clockwork’s kits bring million-dollar timepieces to the masses. Their laser-cut wooden kits are highly detailed, and are scaled up so you don’t need Swiss-level precision to assemble them. Their current kits come in 4 complication styles – a Center Tourbillon, a Minute Repeater, a Fly-back Chronograph, and a Perpetual Calendar. These complications can be found in some of the most high-end watch brands, but with Tèfo, they can be bought, assembled, and admired at a much lower price. The complications aren’t the watches themselves, so Tèfo isn’t infringing on any intellectual property. The mechanical movements are open for all to build (although some of them like the tourbillon are so complex on a small scale that only a few companies can build them), and that’s pretty much what the Tèfo Clockwork kits hope to achieve.

The center tourbillon

Back in the late 18th century, Swiss-French watchmaker Abraham-Louis Breguet developed the tourbillon, a watch complication that was designed to counteract the effect of gravity on the watch’s accuracy. This was a concern back in the days of the pocket watch, but as wristwatches gained popularity, a fixed direction of gravity wasn’t really a concern because of the wrist’s constant movement. Tourbillons soon began fading away (given how complex they were to manufacture), although some brands retained them as a work of luxurious art and a symbol of craftsmanship. The Tèfo TC-01 table clock scales up the classic tourbillion, which can be visible right behind the TC logo on the front. The entire contraption measures approximately 10 inches tall and wide, featuring a skeletal design of multiple wooden components that assemble together to create the TC-01 table clock. More than 300 parts come together to build the TC-01, taking over 15 hours (think of it as a highly complex 3D puzzle). The clock draws power from a 12V motor, which is designed to run 24/7, and when you’re not admiring the constant movement of the tourbillon inside, you can actually use the TC-01 to read the time thanks to an hour and a minute dial that rotate with the same accuracy you’d expect from a haute Swiss-made timepiece. At the center is the Tèfo Clockwork logo, which rotates precisely once every second.

The minute repeater

You can build on the TC-01 by adding a minute repeater to it. The minute repeater was originally developed to help tell the time in the dark by chiming every hour, quarter, or minute depending on its setting. Originally used by aristocrats in the 1600s, this too disappeared ‘with time’, becoming just a mechanical luxury found on high-end watches. Tèfo Clockwork’s Minute Repeater module comes with more than 400 parts, requiring over 24 hours of work to put together. Once assembled, it can be paired with the TC-01 by plugging into its side and connecting using a series of pins. Similarly, Tèfo is working on two more complications – the fly-back chronograph (found on ultra-premium Richard Mille watches) and the perpetual calendar (which can be found in Patek Philippe’s watches that cost up to 9 million a pop) that can both be plugged into another side of your TC-01 clock, building on its intricacy, complexity, and accuracy. Both the fly-back chronograph and the perpetual calendar come with 150 parts, and take roughly 8 hours to put together.

Tèfo Clockwork’s entire kits come made from precisely laser-cut wood, with a combination of both light and dark woods to help highlight certain features and increase contrast between different parts. Load-bearing components or parts subject to wear-and-tear are made of metal, while ball-bearings ensure gears, hands, and other components like the tourbillon can rotate freely without any sort of friction. The kit is available as a central module that serves as a clock, with the option of plugging two more modules into its left and right sides to create a larger-than-life functioning luxury clock! Who says you need to sell your house, car, and kidney to afford a Richard Mille or an Audemars Piguet complication?!

The Tèfo Clockwork TC-01 starts at $249 for just the center tourbillon clock, or $749 for the tourbillon clock and two more complication modules. Tèfo offers global shipping with all units expected to ship by November, making these kits a perfect DIY project for you, or a Holiday Gift for a watch-loving friend or family member!

Click Here to Buy Now: $249. Hurry, less than 72 hours left!