These Modular Micro Cabins Have A Price Tag of $31K & Can Be Built Almost Anywhere

During the pandemic, the Finnish architecture studio Studio Puisto designed the Space of Mind Cabin. The 100-square-foot prefab cabin is designed to be adaptable and can be built anywhere. It can be used as a garden office or even an off-grid holiday retreat! Studio Puisto designed it in collaboration with the furniture brand Made By Choice, as a solution to the isolation people felt during the pandemic, providing them with a space to unwind and relax in.

Designer: Studio Puisto

“The cabin was designed to emphasize how a minimal space with only the essentials can allow us to enjoy what matters most,” said company cofounder Willem van Bolderen. “It’s a modern, mass timber cabin constructed from Finnish wood that acts as a dedicated space to unwind, think, and recharge.” It’s been several years since the first Space of Mind cabin was built, and it is now primarily targeted at hoteliers who want to create relaxing holiday retreats. The cabin is modular in nature, making it a flexible space that provides people with a home away from home.

The Space of Mind cabins feature a lightweight wooden structure that measures under 10 square meters, making for a compact and cozy structure. They are prefabricated in the factory to minimize damage to the site and ensure that the structures can be easily and efficiently transported and erected in remote locations. You can clad the structures in larch wood, black tar paper, or galvanized steel with standing seams, while the foundations are constructed from removable helical piers or lightweight concrete. This allows the cabin to smoothly adapt to different climates and ground conditions.

“To make Space of Mind available to even the most remote of locations, it was strategically planned to be light enough for transportation by crane or helicopter with a resilient foundation that supports almost any site,” said the studio. “This, in turn, adds to its versatility, ultimately creating an opportunity where we have the freedom to tailor a spatial experience to our exact needs.”

There are currently two versions available – the flat-pack versions for customers outside the Nordics which start at around $30,475, and the fully assembled version which is priced at $54,848.