Corsair Puts An Entire Keypad On Its Latest Wireless Mouse for Shortcut-Loving Gamers and Professionals

The Scimitar Elite was announced in 2020 as a zero-compromise wired gaming mouse. Three years later, it gets its biggest upgrade in the form of a wireless-enabled design with 12 programmable keys underneath your thumb, practically rendering your left hand useless.

With a total of 16 keys built into its design, the Scimitar Elite isn’t your average wireless mouse. It’s designed for precision, complexity, and functionality all wrapped up in one ergonomic package that keeps you firing on all cylinders without pausing to do so much as sip some coffee. The Scimitar Elite Wireless MMO Gaming Mouse is a productivity beast, with its highly responsive hardware that minimizes any kind of lag, and a 12-button keypad right underneath your thumb that can be programmed to either switch between weapons or toggle features within gameplay or trigger macros and shortcuts in work apps and software for a streamlined workflow.

Designer: Corsair

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Keeping hyper-functionality in mind, the Scimitar Elite boasts an edgy yet ergonomically sound design that’s a pleasure to hold, with curves that fit perfectly in the palms of your hands, textured grips and scroll wheels for reliable use, as well as an adjustable slider that lets you position those 12 shortcut keys to fit the length of your thumb and your overall mouse gripping style. In signature gaming style, the mouse sports a matte all-black design, barring the RGB-LED elements in the keypad and the rest of the mouse that give it a distinct glow, making it visible in the low-light settings associated with hardcore gaming or editing.

The mouse has a grand total of 16 programmable buttons, with the ability to create multiple profiles that you can quickly toggle between. It all happens within Corsair’s iCUE software that lets you program macros and remap buttons for different use-cases. Whether it’s in a game or in a 3D/graphic/video software, the different keys and custom layouts has you covered so you can do all the work with your dominant hand. Looking for precision and responsiveness? Optical switches eliminate debounce delay for the most accurately tactile clicking experience, while the ultra-accurate Corsair MARKSMAN  optical sensor has a sensitivity of 26000DPI to give you the most precise control over your cursor. The Scimitar Elite connects to devices via Bluetooth, although it’s best paired using its USB receiver that runs on Corsair’s SLIPSTREAM protocol, hyper-polling at a whopping 2000Hz for sub-1ms speeds.

Although built to be wireless, the mouse does also support wired use. For wireless users, however, you’ve got a whopping 150-hour battery life that makes it a compelling choice to begin with, with a 100% full charge in just 90 minutes.

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