Top 5 iPhone 15 Accessories to Quench Your Wonderlust

The new iPhone 15 isn’t just a simple upgrade from last year’s model. Sure, there are typical improvements as far as hardware specs go, but features like the improved camera system, USB-C port, and programmable action button present a whole new experience as well. Of course, that’s also a prime opportunity for designers and manufacturers to enhance that experience with their own products, offering options and features that Apple itself doesn’t. This year, we’ve collected a few of these novel and interesting designs that take your iPhone and Apple products to the next level. Here are five such products, designed to satisfy your cravings for new experiences and new memories created from your Wonderlust.

1. PITAKA StarPeak MagEZ Case 4

Apple used the portmanteau of “wonder” and “wanderlust” to frame the launch of the iPhone 15 series as the perfect partner for life’s journeys. And, when it comes to that metaphor, no other objects inspire the imagery of travel than the stars that helped the earliest navigators and the mountains that represent the highest goal of one’s endeavors. PITAKA captured these images and preserved them for posterity on its latest StarPeak MagEZ Case 4 for the new iPhone 15 series, creating a memorable visual and tactile experience that calls to mind beautiful memories of gazing at the Milky Way Galaxy at night or pondering what lies Over The Horizon.

Designer: PITAKA

Click Here to Buy Now: $69.99

PITAKA’s goal has always been to create a fusion of technology and art, and nowhere is that better seen than in the PITAKA StarPeak MagEZ Case 4. Made from the brand’s unique Fusion Weaving technology, the case creates patterns of alternating colors that are reminiscent of beautiful pixel art. Both of the two designs available speak to the human desire for travel and growth. “Milky Way Galaxy” paints the case with a hazy band of stars that have long been the inspiration for myths and stories, representing aspirations and growth. “Over the Horizon” brings mountain ranges that draw your mind to what lies beyond, sparking wonder and a sense of adventure.

PITAKA’s use of woven aramid fibers gives the StarPeak MagEZ cases a unique visual flair, but its benefits go beyond just appearances. Stronger and lighter than steel, the cases offer premium protection without unnecessarily bulking up the phone’s slim silhouette. At only 0.95mm thin, it’s as if you’re holding a naked iPhone, but with one crucial difference. The unique granular texture of the woven aramid fibers creates a 3D grip that brings confidence and comfort to your hold.

The StarPeak MagEZ Case 4 offers a new experience that goes beyond aesthetics and nature. Built-in NFC chips add a touch interaction, allowing owners to verify the authenticity of the product or access matching themes, music, games, and services provided by PITAKA. It is MagSafe compatible as well, which enhances the value of the case when used with other accessories, from chargers to stands. An asymmetrical raised camera lip provides not only protection for the iPhone 15’s biggest upgrade, it also makes the case look more elegant and fashionable.

Last but definitely not least, the PITAKA StarPeak MagEZ Case 4 delivers a strong sustainability message in support of the planet we’re all traveling on. Its package is made from environment-friendly, biodegradable bagasse material, and the camera lip will be made from recycled aramid fiber. Built to last and designed to remind us of our Earthly home, the PITAKA StarPeak MagEZ Case 4 brings beauty and protection as you take your iPhone 15 on your adventures, big or small.

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2. CASETiFY iPhone 15 Ultra Bounce Case

You are definitely going to want to protect your shiny new iPhone 15, especially considering how not-so-expensive it is. At the same time, however, you probably don’t want to make your new partner look like a tank heading into a warzone. It’s a bit difficult to find a solution that satisfies both requirements in the best way possible, but CASETiFY managed to pull a rabbit out of its hat. With the new CASETiFY Ultra Bounce cases, you get the protection you can rely on that still lets your iPhone or your choice of design shine through.

Designer: CASETiFY

Click Here to Buy Now: $99

The secret to this new case is the combination of a 6-layer Rugged Protection System and specially designed corners with air pockets that provide structural support for the phone when accidents do happen. The clear material of its back lets your iPhone show off its true colors, but you also have the option to customize the design to really make the case yours. Even better, the CASETiFY Ultra Bounce is made of recycled plastics gathered from discarded cases, creating a more sustainable ecosystem that benefits everyone, including the planet.

3. MagSafe Origami Grip Stand

With the iPhone 15’s gorgeous display and more powerful cameras, you’ll probably want to use it more often to watch your favorite flicks and record precious moments. There are plenty of accessories that can prop up an iPhone on a table or help you hold it up securely and steadily, but few are able to do both. The ones that do serve both purposes, often end up adding unappealing bulk to your slim iPhone. Thankfully, there’s an elegant solution that takes inspiration from the centuries-old Japanese art of folding paper.

Designer: Marcy Arimoto

Click Here to Buy Now: MagSafe Origami Grip Stand ($45)

You won’t be making paper cranes, but you and your friends might be enchanted by how this MagSafe grip stand can fold into the support that your iPhone 15 needs and then fold flat after its task is done. A strong magnet lets it stick to your phone almost like glue and lets you stick your phone on any metal surface, be it a car door, a metal pole, or a fridge. Every part and fold of this stylish accessory serves a purpose, including the hole that lets you slip in a finger to have a better grip on your phone. Taking selfies and watching videos has never been easier!

4. AirPods/AirPods Pro Neck Strap

Losing a single AirPod or forgetting to even check if they’re inside their case has become sort of a running gag, but the stress and expense these situations cause is no laughing matter. Going back to wired EarPods is quite impossible and impractical at this point, so we need a better solution that combines the best of both worlds. That’s where these fashionable woven neck straps come in, providing a rather ingenious solution that keeps your AirPods safe in a visually interesting way.

Designer: M.CRAFTSMAN Design Studio

Click Here to Buy Now: AirPods/AirPods Pro Neck Strap ($39)

The gist of the AirPods Neck Strap’s solution is to have the buds magnetically attach to the ends of one of these colorful woven cords, allowing you to hang the buds around your neck without tying you down to actual wired earphones. When they’re not in your ears, the buds can magnetically clasp together to close the loop, preventing them from snagging or falling off. Now you’ll never have to lose those AirPods again and also get a beautiful necklace in the process!

5. AirTag Carabiner

Sometimes, what you want to protect isn’t just your iPhone or its accessories. You most likely have important bags and items like keys that you should never ever lose. Unfortunately, mishaps do happen, and Apple’s small AirTags were designed exactly for that problem. These trackers’ slim and petite forms make them easy to use but only to a certain extent. When it comes to attaching them to other things, however, they almost become a liability, which is why this durable, all-weather carabiner was created, ensuring the safety of your possessions as well as the AirTag itself under all circumstances.

Designer: Saegusa Design

Click Here to Buy Now: AirTag Carabiner ($119)

This all-metal carabiner provides both function and aesthetics when it comes to holding your AirTag. Unlike alternatives made from leather or silicone, this AirTag Carabiner is made to stand the test of time and weather the elements, while also securely holding onto your keys, bags, bikes, and any other object you need to keep track of. The metallic surfaces and colors also give the product a more memorable personality that fits the lifestyle of an adventurer always on the lookout for new experiences, with their iPhone 15 and AirPods in tow.