Casa Azul Is The Perfect Beach House To Bask In The Beauty Of Nature Without Disturbing It

If you are looking for the perfect nature getaway, undisturbed by the chaos of humans and city life, then you’ve landed at the right spot. Welcome to Casa Azul! The beautiful beach home is tucked away in the Atlantic Forest, nestled along the coast of Serra du Guararu in São Paulo, Brazil. Casa Azul is a foolproof testament to how buildings can be constructed in protected nature without damaging it. The stunning fixture not only respects but celebrates the lush green forest that seems to embrace it.

Designer: Studio MK27

Created by Studio MK27, Casa Azul is marked by a two-meter protective perimeter around itself. This projected footprint is a commendable effort to protect the local forest from construction. The construction and design of the home had to adhere to strict parameters set by environmental agencies, which were created to preserve the beauty and integrity of the land. The studio paid their due diligence to the parameters and in turn created an exquisite home that perfectly merges with its environment without harming it.

At first glance, it seems as if the home is hovering or floating over the landscape! The fact that the home is elevated on pilotis may have something to do with it. Supported by pilotis, and featuring a large wooden desk in its underbelly that looks like a natural extension of the forest, the home is truly hard to miss. The organic shape of the home was inspired by the works of landscape architect Roberto Burle-Marx.

The body of the home consists of two massive volumes that seem to be surreally floating amidst the tree canopy. The staggered volumes not only offer shade but also access to the surrounding views. The lower volume features sliding glass walls, that create a lovely indoor-outdoor connection, when they’re opened. The upper level floats harmoniously amidst the treetops, serving as a peaceful haven, with the rooms featuring wooden grid panels that subtly filter the light. The space also includes an impressive pool that is partially exposed to the sunlight, while maintaining a peaceful equation with the surrounding landscape. Casa Azul is a fantastic beach home to bask in the beauty of nature without disturbing it.