This foldable e-bike adapts to your ever-changing style quotient

Electric bikes are the present and long-standing future of sensible commuting in cities, there’s no denying the fact. While some e-bike designs fall right in sync with the trending styles, some can be a bit too radical for the masses.

How practical an electric bike design is, also matters if you as a manufacturer want to create affinity in the highly competitive market. With all this in mind, Polish start-up, Buzzy Bike has come up with an interesting solution keeping in mind all the vital deciding factors for a successful stint.

Designer: Buzzy Bike

The primary consideration for the design of this folding electric bike is the personal touch to add the emotional element of connection with your ride. This electric commuter gives the rider the perfect opportunity to express themselves with the ability to toggle the frame color and finish options. Other details of the bike including the wide tires, shock absorbers, seat post, carbon drive belt and the aluminum basket can also be draped in matching colors for a dynamic look.

The Buzzy bike is also available in a folding version, wherein the whole aluminum frame folds into half the size for space-saving and ease of transportation. To trigger the folding mechanism, simply use the attached key – no hassles guaranteed. The bike can be loaded with a variety of battery packs to achieve a range of 200 km on a single charge. You can also add more powerful battery packs that deliver 750W and 48V voltage.

The chunky 20’ wheels paired with the 80mm wide aluminum rim with the integrated HUB motor is the perfect combo. Replacing the spokes with aluminum rims eliminates the need to center and tighten them, which is another advantage. The overall muscular stance of the e-bike makes it appealing to the young generation who are early adopters, and the compactness for easy storage is an important perk.